The nature of the consulting business, that is if you expect to stay in it for the long haul, will never wait for you to make yourself “comfortable”. What I’m referring to, is that, putting all your eggs into one basket, dedicating all your time and energy to one or more toolsets (languages, frameworks, api, etc.) will not serve you over time. It may serve you at the moment, but that will change.

While writing this post, what immediately comes to mind is the amount of effort put towards learning new skills, not just because you might enjoy doing that, but because, it is a necessity for survival, in it’s respective circumstances.

Ten years ago, if you were using spring framework and are still using it today, would you say the paradigms you used back then are the same today? Probably not. The framework has evolved, it has changed and has expanded. More importantly, we adapted… just fine.

In many ways, software and technology evolution can be a bit alienating. Take the AngularJS 2.0 proposals and then read every blog entries comment section which covers this subject. It’s not pretty. Basically, a proposal to completely change the existing paradigms of the framework, so much so, it isn’t even the same framework. I can see the frustrations and concerns. Their are real tangible things to be concerned and frustrated over. But none the less, like it or not, when these changes come, people will adapt.

Here’s another one. All of you who have spent years honing your skills in Flash/Flex. Did you just stop doing what you had been doing for what seemed like forever, when Adobe placed the Flex Framework under the Apache foundation and people all over the blogosphere started to either mourn or celebrate the “death” of Flash? Allot of those folks are still there. They have embraced the evolution of Flash and Flex (i.e. ) and/or they went on to evolve and adapt towards other technologies (i.e iOS, android, html5, etc).

The case that I am making, fundamentally, as an engineer, consultant, architect, etc… in the face of evolution, we adapt. whether you like it or not. For those of us that like it, man, there is just so much cool shit out there to play with and learn. And for those that do not embrace these changes, you will adapt in some way, shape or form.